Do I really have to have a purpose for having a blog?  Well, just in case I do, I suppose I would say that it’s because I need a place to “work through” things – all the time.  I guess writers just use their words and they find all sorts of ways do it - for me, my blogs have been a place where I tell stories of my life-in-progress.

I don’t have any one particular interest I’m so involved with that I could effectively create a “niche”, so I’m not going to try.  I am one woman who has entered yet another season of life, and is compelled to share ideas and conversations with other like-minded women.  These days, blogs are a dime-a-dozen.  You could quickly find a blog for just about any topic you can imagine.  I would say I fall pretty much in the middle-aged, almost-empty-nest, mommy-blogging category.  If you can better define that, go for it. 

First and foremost, I am a Christian. My goal and heartfelt prayer would be that anyone who happens along my blog would sense this from anything they find here.

I enjoy writing, cooking, gardening – particularly herbs, walking, reading, beaches, euchre, music, chats over coffee, early mornings and more. 

You could expect to find a rather broad range of topics and “moods” here.  Some days are simply another adventure in my life-in-progress, but there are times when a deeper, more powerful message is pressing upon my heart and I will come here to labor and deliver those thoughts.  May they be a blessing to others.

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