Hello - my name is Susan, but I prefer my nickname, Sam, which was unofficially given to me because being born on Halloween at a time when Bewitched was a thing, it seemed appropriate to name me after the much beloved good witch, Samantha Stephens. That’s the story I grew up with until I learned the official story which, I’m sad to say, is much less interesting. My brother and dad were convinced that there was a little brother named Sam brewing in mom’s tummy. When the doctor announced, “It’s a girl!”, in my brother’s three year old world, I was still Sam.

My mom chose to stick with Susan officially, but mostly I was Sam. Until kindergarten roundup when my teacher asked me if I preferred my given name or my nickname. Who asks that of a five year old?! Of course, changing my name sounded like an adventure, right? I remained Sammy to my family and became Susan to the rest of the world. Since then, my not-so-successful attempts to revert back to my favored name resulted in yet another nickname, Sammysue. Best of both worlds I guess.

The name of the blog came about when my best friend reminded me of my own mantra - keep it simple, Susan. It seems like really good advice for all of life. 

It's most likely a happy accident that you found your way to my little corner of the blogging world, but I'm happy you're here. I love to write - a love affair that began in elementary school when a teacher helped her first grade student turn a story she wrote into a screenplay and direct her classmates in performing it for the rest of the school. I started blogging in 2006 strictly as a hobby to help process life and ideas and, quite frankly, to keep from going a little bit crazy bumping around in my own headspace.

At nineteen, I became wife to my high school sweetheart while he was still a college student. Together, we forged our family through twenty years of military life, nineteen moves, eight children; three we grieved as they passed briefly through this world and into the next where I'm convinced they are dancing and playing in God's care while they await our arrival, and five that continue to be the source of our most cherished relationships, sweetest memories, and the very best stories. I have enjoyed my years as a stay-at-home mom, occasional homeschool teacher,
and now Ma-Ma to a growing number of grand-littles. 

I enjoy writing, cooking, growing herbs, walking, nature, birds, good books, beaches, euchre, music, chocolate, chats over coffee, early mornings, and so much more. I love to learn new things.  All of these are second only to enjoying time with my husband who is my very best friend, our children, our sweet grand-littles, and my kindred spirit, Robin. 

I confess, I may be a bit of a coffee snob. Not like the most expensive kind of coffee snob, just not a Folgers or Maxwell House kind of coffee girl. I like my Starbucks Breakfast Blend at home fresh from my own grinder. I don’t even care for it brewed from the shop. And if there is no creamer, don’t bother.

If I were a state, Sunflowers would be my flower and the Dragonfly would be my insect. They hold special meaning for me because of their symbolism

I hope you will find a warm  welcome here.

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