Outside my window - The sun is rising earlier and earlier each day. 

Clothing myself in - stretch denim capris and a tank top. Ready for yard and garden work!

Writing - Our mastermind group assignment is to write, illustrate, and publish a children’s book on Amazon. Several members have them written and are working on illustrations - which are fantastic by-the-way. I have ideas, but have not put pen to paper yet.

I am determined, yet again, to get back to this blog. While searching for information about vermicomposting, I came across a blog that is causing me serious blog envy. If you are a gardener, you will love it too!

Reading - The Becoming (by Nora Roberts) as often as I can find a quiet space and keep my eyes open at the same time. 

Watching - I heard some good reasons last night why I should return to the Wanda Vision and Loki series. I am a Marvel fan, and I plan to see the new Dr. Strange, but I hear that I won’t fully understand it if I have not watched Wanda Vision. I’ll either convince the rest of our viewing audience (aka - my mom, my husband, and my youngest daughter LOL) that we should watch it or I’ll put it on while I’m working on fabric in the basement. That’s my plan, we’ll see how it goes.

Listening - Chris Renzema and Anne Wilson. On repeat.

In the Garden - The backyard is beginning to look like the one we envisioned. There is a very large raised garden bed waiting to be filled the rest of the way today. There are also other containers awaiting their compost, soil, and plants! The list of things still to do is quite lengthy, but it gives me reason to be outdoors enjoying the fresh air and sunshine. Last week it rained so much I wanted to cry. Not really, but I sure am glad to see the clear skies and sunshine this week. The temperatures are doing a 180 though. Last week we wore jeans and hoodies; this week shorts and tank tops over a layer of sunblock LOL.

This is what's coming up so far: Mint - all the mints. Valerian, strawberries, thyme, lavender, chives, oregano, sage, wooly lamb's ear, sweet woodruff, lemon balm, bronze fennel, and a volunteer tomato plant LOL. I got some Nasturtiums in a pot on the deck, but there are two flats full of other plants waiting for their spot in the soil.

I plan to dabble more in flowers this year. I'm hoping to re-create something similar to the rather unruly beauties from earlier years. Miss that cottage garden feel to our space.

One of my favorite conversations last week -
    John: "I said just a couple tomato plants"
    Rachel: "Dad, this was Mom holding back."

Never send me to the nursery and expect me to come home with a "couple plants". In my defense, I only had a "couple" of each variety...

In the kitchen - I’ve been sharing recipes on our private family Facebook group. I hope to go back through them and find some that are suitable for the warmer weather. The only one that comes to mind right now is this Caramelized Onion Roasted Garlic bisque, and I don’t believe soup is the best choice right now - our AC is on the fritz again. 

In the Make Room - The most recent is this sweet Harry Potter inspired quilt. It’s our first attempt to make and sell. We have some work to do to find the right platform for selling our quilts and other handmade items. There is now a space in Amazon for those selling handmade items. We might try it, but honestly, I’m leaning towards Etsy. 

Rachel helped pick out fabric for the next which will also be Harry Potter inspired. It will be bigger and might be machine quilted. That’s yet to be decided. There are still piles of fabric waiting for their turn to be transformed into lovely quilts. 

Summer will be challenging because I really prefer to be outdoors, but I imagine on those hot humid days I’ll be happy for the comfort of AC (when it’s not on the fritz LOL). 

The week ahead - garden, garden, garden. Oh, and the new stove will finally be installed!!! Rachel and I already have our first recipes picked out for baking in the new oven. Did I mention that we plan to start a small cottage business? I started down the road of catering and realized that’s just not what I want to do. The Eclectic Cook is moving forward...

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