Thursday, August 10, 2017

Things to remember when making condo choice

This is an easy one - don't choose 404 :-) Below list a work-in-progress

*Electrical issues
*No Router
*Water went out
*Elevator not in service for a good portion of one day
*Never ever again have 8 people - with air mattresses in the middle of the condo - never
*No area rugs - why???
*AC - did start working better with fewer people in and out...
*Prefer carpeted areas in bedroom and living area
*Not well stocked in the kitchen - need more containers for leftovers and pitchers, no kitchen towels or rags AT ALL
*Door slams
*toilet handle is broken
*...and the clothes washer stinks and the dryer DOESN'T DRY!!! ;-(

Electrical issues and it's not cool enough.  It needs updated too. I wonder if I look back on my posts during our vacations if I'll have noted anything that would have helped me with this choice...



PS - but it's worth it to be here ;-)

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