Sunday, July 9, 2017

What's the occasion?

Last night we went to dinner at Bonefish Grill.  First, just let me say, "YUM!"

Trying to get out of our slump comfort zone, John and I have been branching out a bit from our tried and true restaurants.  We don't really love leaving the comfort of our comfy clothes and our cozy four walls, but we also don't love feeling like life its passing us by, or knowing that if we don't work at it there is always the threat of weeds growing up around our relationship.  So, as we are transitioning to a new season of life where we can do pretty much anything we want without worrying about other people's schedule, we hope and plan to continue to stretch ourselves in different ways; more dates (at new places), dance lessons, working out together :-0, euchre nights, trips-for-two :-) ...

Anyway, I digress just a bit from where I started in my thoughts.  Last night.  Bonefish Grill.  I waited until pretty late in the day to make reservations and by the time I called they weren't able to make a reservation for ELEVEN.  Imagine that - no last minute seating for eleven people at a nice upscale restaurant.  Who waits until two hours beforehand to make a reservation?  I know, I know - lesson learned.  They were, however, able to take reservations for two groups, hopefully seated as close together as possible.  Fingers crossed.  These days most restaurants won't even take reservations, they'll take call ahead waiting for a short period but rarely reservations.  At least at the places we normally enjoy.  Aha!  Getting out of the comfort zone is already teaching us something, right?

We arrived a bit early and the hostess let me know that they were working on getting us at tables near each other.  Yay!  As it turns out, by the time the entire party arrived they had our table ready, all of us together at one table.  Double yay!!

Appetizers, drinks, the meal - oh, my heavens the meal (and dessert!!!). But if you ask me today what the best part of the evening was, although I could go on and on about the excellent service, indulgently delicious food, and wonderful atmosphere, I wouldn't be telling you the very best part.  The very best part was when the staff asked us what occasion we were celebrating, our answer was simply, friendship.

You see, my sweet husband and I were joined by two of our daughters and their husbands, and my kindred-spirit friend, her husband, one of their sons, and their daughter and her fiancé.  That might not seem strange at first, it's not unusual for best friends to go out together with their sweethearts, but this night was one year and one day since God worked mercy and miracles in our lives.  If you have read any of my past posts here, you might remember me writing about a friendship - once broken, and then healed, restored.  A gift, truly, to my soul and spirit.  And it's not just my friend and my friendship that was restored, it was our daughters' friendship with each other and the friendship we share with each others' daughters, one that prompts an affectionate Aunt Susan (now Aunt Sam - but that's another story lol) from young adults, once the kids I considered my own by heart-desire.  I can't imagine my future without these beautiful souls in my life, I don't want to imagine it.  I am so deeply, profoundly grateful for God's mercy and for the forgiveness I received from my kindred-spirit friend.

So what is the occasion?  Friendship, kindred-spirit friendship, and family by blood and by heart.


Simply Susan Sam

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