Monday, July 24, 2017

Monday, Monday

Some days I wake up and it feels like I've traveled to another dimension.  Not really, but I do often feel like I have scrambled brains.  Today was one such morning.  I woke up with a lot of anxiety and concern.  I'm thankful for the habit of daily surrender and time to spend quietly with God, praying, reading and writing.  That little bit of time set aside always sets me straight. 

I am becoming more keenly aware of one source of my anxiety.  Expectations - mine and one other, my sweet daughter.  She is 16 going on 17 (hear The Sound of Music in my head) and we are both aware that our season as mother and school-aged child is drawing to a close altogether too quickly.  She is the last of our brood, and she is spoiled, oh yes she is, make no mistake about it.  But then, so are all the others, aren't they?

She has her driver's license and could drive herself to and from school this year, but will she?  Should she?  I'm considering if that time together should be allowed to linger just a bit longer.  It has been both a terrible time and a wonderful time for us, this traveling time back and forth from her school to our home.  There have been great conversations and boisterous singing, but there has also been hard silence and awkwardness.  That space seems like holy ground, space for knowing each other in ways we wouldn't if we didn't have it.  I may not be ready to let that fade away...

Some things will change this year; she will be making her own lunches :-), she will be her own alarm clock.  

How can we make the most of this time?  How can we be intentional about making the best of the time that we have for making memories and building safe life boundaries?  It's all working it's way through my thoughts.  I trust God will show us what we need to see, when we need to see it.  He's good that way.

Happy Monday!  Maybe I'll be back later today to give that Monday Maxims a try :-)

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