Sunday, July 23, 2017


I've been thinking about using themes here for my writing.  Something like Monday madness or Mundane Monday, Terrible Tuesday - don't really want that one - it's way too cliche and I'd rather have Terrific Tuesdays if I'm given a choice.

We love our sayings, don't we?  Slogans, mottos, quotes, maxims.  Maxims was not one of the words on my list to describe what has come to be a certain solid, sturdy hook on which to hang my life, but it is such a great word.  I came across it in a new book that I started this morning by my husband's favorite teacher and writer, Chuck Swindol.  At our church, we've been working through a series called Words to the Wise - the Book of Proverbs - and at the beginning I decided to follow the habit of reading Proverbs every day, over and over and over.  It seemed like something I could do and would actually follow through to do.  And so I have been.  As financial contributors to Chuck Swindol's ministry, we often receive some book or pamphlet as a thank you.  It just so happened that the one that arrived in the mail this month was Living the Proverbs, Insight for the Daily Grind.  Perfect resource to try out.  I think I'm gonna like it a lot.

In this book, Chuck described Proverbs as "capsules of truth, often in the form of a short, pithy maxim.  I agree.  That's what makes Proverbs so easy to read and apply to our modern lives.  Not everything is so easy to grasp in scripture, but these maxims are pretty basic for everyone.

Hey, I just realized - Monday Maxims!!!  I couldn't come up with a cutesy name for slogans, quotes and mottos isn't quite what I was looking for!  Monday Maxims it is!!  Okay, tomorrow is Monday.  Let's see what happens. :-)

Now to come up with themes for the rest of the days.  One of them will have to be for whatever random stuff I decide to write, because I'm pretty random most of the time.

Happy day,


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